Our Investments

C.S. Investments is the General Partner and Manager of the Firm’s
real estate, private equity, and marketable securities Funds.

CSI Fund 1 is a private real estate investment fund that makes direct investments in real estate assets and development projects which are either owned, developed and/or managed by one of the Firm’s subsidiaries. The Fund currently allows for co-investment from outside accredited investors.

To learn about the Fund’s investment criteria, please contact us.


The Firm makes direct minority investments in businesses that are primed for growth with additional capitalization and invests in a number of different industry sectors. The Firm is actively seeking opportunities for new partnerships in diverse companies with strong management teams who wish to stay engaged in their business.

To learn about the Firm’s investment criteria, please contact us.


CSI Equity Growth Fund is a fund of funds which primarily invests in ETFs which tracks and inversely tracks major indexes. The Fund’s objective is appreciation for the Firm’s undeployed capital with the goal of hedging against inflation as well as helping fund future investments. The Fund is not currently open to outside investors.