Our Companies

C.S. Holdings is a private investment firm whose conglomerate of subsidiaries and Funds work together as a cohesive unit to deliver best-in-class investments, products and services to the marketplace.


Commonwealth Standard Investments is the General Partner and Manager of the Firm’s real estate, private equity, and marketable securities Funds. The Company seeks out best-in-class investment opportunities and experienced operating partners with the goal of strategically positioning the Funds’ holdings for growth.



Commonwealth Standard Development is the developer for all real estate assets in which the Firm has deployed capital as well as for all the properties held within the Firm’s portfolio. The Company works with best-in-class service providers to ensure its developments are of the highest quality investment standards.


Commonwealth Standard Properties acquires stabilized-multifamily and mixed-use residential properties as well as vacant land for development into the aforementioned property types within the Firm’s target markets.


Commonwealth Standard Management is the property manager for the Firm’s portfolio of rental properties. The Company also manages a select group of properties that were either formerly owned and/or developed by the Firm. The Company has strong relationships with local service providers to ensure the properties are efficiently operated and maintained.